deadly Boletus look-alike in the Sierra?

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Tue Feb 11 01:53:33 EST 1997

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Charles A. Peavey wrote:

> in our area. Mendocino county, California, I have been warned recently 
> by a mycologist  who teaches a mushroom identification course at the 
> local community college, that there is a Boletus edulis look-alike and 
> is referred to as Satan`s Bolete, I believe that David Aurora makes 
> reference to it in Mushrooms Demystified. I dont have my reference handy 
> so can not tell you the species name but the defining characteristic is 
> that it stains blue when the stem is bruised or scratched.  I have yet 
> to actually see one.

A number of boletes stain blue, including some very edible species.
In general, the combination of blue staining and red stem or pores is
a danger signal.  Some boletes with these characteristics can be
violent pukers.  You may not die, but you may wish you had. :)

I don't see the poisonous species as resembling edulis much.  Boletes
are a pretty safe genus to browse, as long as you use reasonable

-- Larry

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