S. Autra and SIDS

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> What do people think about this association between Satchybotrus Autra and
> Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?
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   There is a report at <http://www.cdc.gov/cdc.htm>.  Stachybotrys atra
(now known as S. chartarum) can be highly toxic.  It is very commonly
found in homes in basements on damp drywall or paper.  Exposures are
limited because the spores do not become airborne very readily.  There
were at least 2 deaths associated with this mold in Cleveland after
flooding, but I believe that the mold was found in forced air heating
ducts. The mycotoxin causes pulmonary hemorrhage.  I doubt that it is the
main cause of SIDS;  I rarely find the spores in air samples even when the
mold is present.  Nonetheless, under some circumstances, S. chartarum may
be a significant health threat, to adults as well as children.

Jeff May

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