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V. Scalo vinscal at
Tue Feb 18 01:33:48 EST 1997

P Rose wrote:
> I am doing a science project on the diversity of Fungi.  I am looking
> for examples that I could use to represent the biodiversity of fungi.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanx.
Fungi are ubiquitous.
Some examples of the biodiversty would be:
Mutualistic symbioses between fungi and animals
 leaf cutting ants raise fungi for food Leucoagaricus and Lepiota

Fungi that exploit microscopic animals
	trapping nematodes
		ex. constricting rings Dactyella

protoctistan fungi
 ex. Hypochytrium catenoids

Eumycotan Fungi:

Lichens (dual organisms?)

the yeasts
the watermolds

Just to name a few,the lists goes on and on

Do a www search, the above terms should provide you with more than
enough to start, a good mycology text would be even better.

My names and classifcations might be a little off
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