Simple AGAR Recipes???

chile at chile at
Tue Feb 18 22:16:03 EST 1997

Hello All,

I was just wondering if anyone could offer some simple Nutrified Agar

I already use Dog Food Agar as per Stamets 1995, w/ great success.
but am looking for at least one more to alternate w/DFA

I am familiar w/ MEA, but have never bothered to find the chemicals
(K2HPO)for the MEA, and besides my MALT always clumps to a rock.

I am also familiar w/ PDA but don't like making the Potato Broth.

I like Dog Food Agar since it is as simple as Dog Food, Agar, Water in
Bottle, 941 Pressure cooker and Volia!!!. I am looking for Media that
are this SIMPLE!!!

Thanks in advance,


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