mushrooms as bioindicators

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Subj:	mushrooms as bioindicators
Date:	97-02-18 18:37:07 EST
From:	Jan.Degroote at (Jan)
To:	basidium at


I am student biological engineering and I was wondering if there is some
research on mushrooms as bioindicators.
It is known that symbiose is very important for the metabolism of the
plant. Ii is also known that mushrooms are very sensitive for pollution.
In this way mushrooms are very important for the agriculture.Not only as
bioindicator but also as parameter for the productivity .

I wonder if you know people working on this matter.
Or when you have interesting information about it I would be happy
to get it.

I hope I don't keep you too long from your work,

Jan Degroote
Student biological engineering
water-  and soilconservation

Tarwelaan 7
8500 Kortrijk
email Jan.Degroote at


:-Davey Fischer
David W. Fischer
Coauthor, "Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America" and "Mushrooms of Northeastern North America"

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