Spores on agar.

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In article <Pine.OSF.3.91.970212175953.9520C-100000 at alcor.concordia.ca>, Mike Rose <mich_ros at alcor.concordia.ca> writes:
> My spores have been on the AGAR for almost a week now still no signs of 
> any growth/progress.
> How long should I wait before I throw them away are start over?
> Be Happy
> Mike
> PS: Someone mentioned an alt.nature.mushrooms NG. I cannot find it. Is it 
> still extant?
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For old spores wich are difficult to sproud, you should try water soaking.
o fill half of a small jar with distilled water
o sterilize . let cool.
o put your spores (into innoc. box ou laminar flow hood) into the jar
o shake. Each 5 days suck some water with a syringue and inoculate
  a petri dish.

It can take as long as 1 month in water for the spores to sproud but the
contamination risk grow as well ...

good luck

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