VA mycorrhizas of populus

Chris Wright wrightc2 at
Fri Feb 21 11:41:06 EST 1997

I am doing my graduate work at Michigan State Universities Kellogg 
Biological Station near Battlecreek, Michigan.  It is the only 
agricultural site in the LTER network.  One of the treatments is a 
Poplar rotation.  It was first planted in 1989 and was totally 
endomycorrhizal at that time.  This condition persisted until 1995 when 
we first started seeing ecto's on the roots.  It is now common for these 
roots to have both endo's and ecto's, although we feel that there is an 
eventual transition taking place from endo's to ecto's.  For more info 
feel free contact me at wrightc2 at  

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