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You might consult the  How to know the Non-gilled 
mushrooms (1981) and How to know the gilled mushrooms (1979) by Smith, 
A.H., Smith, H.V. and Weber N.S. Wm. C. Brown and Co., Dubuque, Iowa.
The basic preservation technique is drying over low (ca. 40 degrees C) 
heat with good air circulation; large specimens are cut in half or 
smaller. Notes on fresh color etc. are indispensible.
A reference to the microscopic study of specimens is How to Identify 
Mushrooms to Genus III: Microscopic Features. Largent et al., 1977. Mad 
River Press. (Rt. 2 Box 151B, Eureka, CA 95501). An excellant reference, 
as is the rest of the series.

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On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Jerome Freed wrote:

> Hi-
> I am looking for sources of information on techniques for microscopic
> examination of mushroom spores and for preserving mushrooms for future
> study and reference.
> A retired cell biologist living in Philadelphia, I recently became
> interested as an amateur in the study of wild mushrooms.  I have 40-odd
> years of experience as a biologist and microscopist, but all with animal
> cell systems.  My guides to wild mushrooms, i.e, the McKnights' Peterson
> Guide, Roger Phillips' Mushrooms of North America, O.K.Miller's 1972
> Mushrooms of North America, explain how to collect and study mushrooms. 
> But they all stop short of actually describing laboratory techniques.
> Can anyone refer me to books or information on:
> 1. How to make preparations of spores to study morphology, iodine
> reaction, etc.
> 2. How to preserve mushrooms for later study, e.g, next year.  70%
> alcohol?
> Many thanks,
> Jerry Freed

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