Portabella Mushrooms

Peter Oei poei at antenna.nl
Mon Feb 24 15:39:22 EST 1997

(Larry Caldwell) wrote:
>In article <5ekfbs$i3e at defender.lm.com>,
>Richard W. Kerrigan <rwk at sylvanres.com> wrote:
>> This deserves a FAQ:  Portabella mushrooms are mature mushrooms of brown 
>> strains of _Agaricus bisporus_ (Lange) Imbach
>I've heard that the brown color is caused by culturing agaricus bisporus
>under low moisture conditions.  I don't know, just heard this.
>-- Larry

No that is not quite correct: the strain is a brown variety of A. 
bisporus, The low moisture conditions cause scaling which is desirable 
for Portabello mushrooms (but unwanted for the normal A. bisporus).

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