mushrooms as bioindicators

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: : Subj: mushrooms as bioindicators
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: : Sir,
: : I am student biological engineering and I was wondering if there is some
: : research on mushrooms as bioindicators.
: : It is known that symbiose is very important for the metabolism of the
: : plant. Ii is also known that mushrooms are very sensitive for pollution.
: : In this way mushrooms are very important for the agriculture.Not only as
: : bioindicator but also as parameter for the productivity .
: i think maybe VAM fungi can be good indicators of productivity
: ppl can hardly isolated any VAM fungi from some farmland of Taiwan
: this is thought to be resulted from the overdosed fertilizer
: cellular slime molds can also reflect the condition of soil

Cavender, J. C., R. A. Bradshaw, J.-P. Regner & T. Damio. 1993.
Response of soil dictyostelid slime molds to agricultural disturbance
in a tropical environment. Biotropica 25(2): 245-248.

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