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For thermophiles try:

Thermophilic Fungi by D.G. Cooney and R. Emerson
W.H. Freeman & Co, San Francisco and London
1964, 188pp


Introduction to Food-borne Fungi
R.A. Samson and E.S. van Reenen-Hoekstra
Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Baarn, The Netherlands
1988, 299pp  (there is a more recent edition out now)

Fungi and Food Spoilage
J.I. Pitt & A.D. Hocking
Academic Press, New York, London, etc
1985, 413pp

No idea about aquatics.

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>Hi All,

>I am beginnning some research into environmental fungi.  I need a good
>reference to help ID some of the isolates I am getting.  Anyone know of
>a good key to use?  My training is in bacteriology so this fungal stuff
>is relatively new to me.  Any reference specific to aquatic &/or
>thermophilic fungi would really be helpful.

>Steve Decker
>deckers at

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