Loving mushrooms to death?

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Tue Jan 7 13:26:46 EST 1997

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  The results will be
>published in a book, "Structure and Dynamics of Fungal
>Populations."  Depending on the stage distribution
>(basidiospores: primary: secondary non-fruiting: fruiting mycelia)
>and on the transition probabilities among those stages,
>fungal species may vary tremendously in their sensitivity
>to perturbations such as heavy harvesting.  Some may be
>more sensitive than we expect.  

      Your study sounds very interesting even to a sporadic and amateur
mushroomer like me.  Might I suggest that you put together a brief summary
of your findings and publish it in a magazine such as "Mushroom - the
Journal".  "Mushroom" is read by a range of mycologists from professionals
to rank amateurs and such an article might garner you a few more customers
for the book.  
      Andy Grant

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