"Crimini" question

Bill N. nailwill at pilot.msu.edu
Fri Jan 10 19:08:14 EST 1997

In article <32D30F7A.4986 at cdsnet.net>, Jerry Haugen <mycowrld at cdsnet.net> wrote:

> Murray R. Falk wrote:
> > 
> > "Mushrooms Love Herbs"  by Ruth Bass,  cookbook I gave my wife
> > for Christmas.  Refers to a type of mushroom called "Crimini".  I can find
> > all the other kinds in various mushroom fieldguides and ID books I have,
> > but not this one.  Can anybody tell me what Crimini is (are)?
> > 
> > Murray, Calgary
> > 
> > 
> Murray,
> Crimini is the common brown button mushroom, available in most grocery
> stores.  See the following for a photo:
> http://1webblvd.com/coosemans/mush.htm
> -Jerry-
Crimini is a partaicular strain of Agaricus brunnescens (or A. bisporus-
I'm not going to get into that argument), just as is the common button
mushroom.  Crimini are browner and have a different taste to most people. 
You could use them interchangeably, but the results wouldn't be exactly
the same.

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