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Sun Jan 26 03:32:20 EST 1997

CupOwater wrote:

<I have discovered some mushrooms in the wild and I tested them <with
<test.  They came out purple, black, and purple brown.  None of <these
<shrooms bruised bluish.  Does this mean they are psylicibe but not

     No, it means they are from 3 different genera of mushrooms.

 <Does this mean they are simply edible mushrooms?

     No, since they are at least three different species, there are three
answers- no, no and no.  One, two, or three of the species may be edible,
but they may not.  It kind of depends on what kinds they are.

  <Could they be deadly if the spores are purple or black??? 

     They would not be the very deadly Amanitas or Galerinas, but
depending on what species you have it might be possible to die if one
consumed a large quantitiy.

    It is not smart for novices in mushroom identification to try and
start by identifying the Little Brown Mushrooms, such as psilocybes.  It
is a good idea to hone your skills by studying the larger, more readily
identifiable mushrooms for a decade or so first.  Amanitas first,
Chanterrelles and morels second, psilocybes last.
Safe Hunting to all.


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