Fungi that decompose hair?...........

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Thu Jan 30 08:19:10 EST 1997

Depree, Jonathan A wrote:
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> >Austin Reade wrote:
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> >> Presumably hair is fairly resistant to microbial breakdown (keratin,
> >> disulphide bonds ?).
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> >Is this just a guess or do you have some data to support this?
> It's probably true, but not particularly relevant. My experience of fungi is
> that between them they can eat just about anything. I have no doubt that, in
> time, we'll see mould growing on old PET coke bottles.

I asked, because so far I have never heard that disulphide bonds are a
noticeable problem for microorganism or fungi. 

Therefore, my question again: Is this just an idea of yours, or do you
know of any example. Would be really of interest for me.



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