getting rid of obnoxious porno listings

John P. Jones xp2938 at UNIX1.SNCC.LSU.EDU
Tue Jul 1 12:36:35 EST 1997

Stamets 1 wrote:
> I have been told that if someone who is net-savvy can
> create a "killbot" or "cancelbot" or "spam-killer" then these postings
> won't make it to our newsgroup. can someone do this ? 

You can also do that for your own e-mail package if you are getting this
group through a listserver.  Most e-mail packages have some provision
for "kill-files" of one sort or another.  I've set mine to look for
certain words either in the subject line or body of the text; when those
words are found, that message is automatically deleted.  Of course, I
may delete some messages which are complaining about the unwanted stuff
if those messages also contain those key words.  Doesn't happen very
often though; I've checked the log to make sure.
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