Call for Votes

Nathan Wilson velosa at CINENET.NET
Wed Jul 9 14:28:59 EST 1997

Gregory May wrote:

> Before you initiate a vote on this I think it would be appropriate  for you
> to repost your proposal as part of the request for votes.

I agreed and done.

> In addition, I
> think it would be a good idea to have more discussion of the idea of
> moderating the group.
> It has been several weeks since anyone has even
> discussed this on the news group.

My understanding was that a number of people voiced a desired to stop
the moderation discussion.  Furthermore, Jack Murphy posted the
following on June 12:

> This discussion needs closure.
> I suggest the leaders of this discussion group, gsmay at (Gregory
> S. May), Leland Ellis <leland at>, and Tom Adams
> (tom at poll the readership of this discussion group.  If most
> of the respondents feel we don't need moderation, then the issue dies.  If
> most feel we do need moderation, the discussion leaders should take the
> required steps.

I personally have been waiting for one of the discussion leaders to
respond to this request for a vote.  Since nothing has happened and I
am still concerned about the impact of spam on this group, I decided
to call for a vote myself to try to get some closure on this issue.


Nathan Wilson

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