Rx for _A. phalloides_ intoxication...?

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Subj:	Amanita phalloides
Date:	97-07-14 12:03:30 EDT
From:	avandewiele at nordnet.fr (VAN DE WIELE Annie)
To:	Basidium at aol.com (David W. Fischer)

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Annie Van de Wiele Pharmacie de la Lys
12 rue Léon Six Bousbeque 59166 France
tel:(33)0320235267 fax:(33)0320236234
Dear Davey,
I have read this day in the "news" this dramatical accident with
"Destroying Angel".I have to make a paper for a medical training formation
,my subject is "Intoxication by Amanita phalloides";would you mind giving
me the protocol the most employed in USA for this intoxication? If it is
possible ,could you obtain the protocol used for this intoxication before
the decision of transplantation,near by the hospital concerned and near by
the toxicologist Doctor who was the responsible of all these events so
I could have a recent example to explain (if it is to long for you, you
could only give me the address of the hospital and this one of the
I thank you very much in advance for your collabaration.
Sinserely yours
Annie    :-)( menber of SMN :the Mycologist Society of North of France)
(David W. Fischer)
Coauthor, "Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America" and "Mushrooms of Northeastern North America"

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