Call for Votes

Tom Johnston rtj at
Mon Jul 14 20:16:51 EST 1997

On 8 Jul 1997 01:38:47 -0700, velosa at CINENET.NET (Nathan Wilson)

>Well since no one else has stepped up to the plate to call for a vote,
>I am doing it now.

I don't see what the Big Deal is .. my news server has all of 29
messages in spooled bionet.mycology and NOT ONE spam or offensive
post.  In fact, the ONLY off-topic traffic is the 19 posts relating to
the discussion about moderation.   

Give it a rest and the group would be squeaky-clean.

And if somebody really wants to do something about the occasional bad
message, whip up a charter and learn how to issue cancels
( is a good place to start).

Phew ..  Oh yeah, I'm not voting because I think it's a silly idea.

-- Tom Johnston (who likes to hike and eat things off the ground).

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