Small Organic Farms Reading?

Thomas Ziegler Biologische.Pilze at
Thu Jul 24 04:58:02 EST 1997

			Hello Friends!
Are a small certified organic mushroom farm in Germany looking for
	exchange of experiences and ideas with others... 
	   (We grow oyster, shii and other speciality-shrooms)
     Are there others trying to make their spawn and strains, too?
			Please eMail to us!
    Would like to finally improve current strains breeding the nearer
	      to Mother Nature's example as possible...,
If YOU should know a farm like ours maybe without eMail-adress then
please be so kind and hand over our adress to them to get in contact..
         -Please keep this message in mind it will be up to date
                ...we will repeat this post from time to time...
Thomas Ziegler,Biologische Pilze,D-97892Unterwittbach,Germany,Europe
Buro/Lab:+49 9391 916105, Farm:Tel+49 9342 85277 Fax+49 9342 85270
Biologische.Pilze at    soon:
 -intend to put useful Info on our web-site to help other small farms-

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