Air circulation,in Shiitake Growrooms

Jerry mycowrld at
Sat Jul 26 15:02:30 EST 1997

Ross Wheeler wrote:
>     Can improper air circulation in a commercial grow room result
> in deformed fruit bodies?


I checked in with Lloyd Jones (who, incidently just got a temporary
e-mail address ljonesmush at and is developing the notion of an
e-mail consulting business).  Lloyd is an experienced grower of mostly
Agaricus and shiitake and is currently working in Blaine, Washington. 
Anyway, Lloyd says that the short answer is yes.

Since air flow (quantity and quality, as in recirculated or not) plays
hand in hand with bacterial infections, temperature, CO2 and other
factors, it may take a little investigation to determine the precise
culprit.  Assuming that you don't have some infectious agent, air flow
can still do strange things.  Most common in shiitake are long stipes
and small caps, but a wide variety of wild deforities (1/2 caps etc) can
be caused by improper air circulation.


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