postdoctoral position available

Barry Bowman bowman at
Mon Jul 28 13:04:26 EST 1997

Postdoctoral position available.

Department of Biology
University of California, Santa Cruz

We are investigating the structure and function of membrane transport
proteins, using Neurospora crassa as a model system.  Our major focus is to
understand the mechanism and physiological role of the vacuolar ATPase, a
complex enzyme found in many types of cell membranes.  We are also trying
to identify other transport proteins present in the vacuolar membrane.  In
our research we use a variety of approaches, including genetics, molecular
biology, biochemistry, and electron microscopy.

We have excellent laboratory facilities in a beatiful setting.  The
university is situated in a redwood forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean
and Monterey Bay.  The Department of Biology has about 33 faculty, 100
Ph.D. students and 45 postdocs.

For more information contact:
Barry Bowman
Department of Biology
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Tel: (408) 459-2245
FAX: (408) 459-3139
email: bowman at

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