Red Arcyria Species

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: Can anyone suggest an identification for a dark red species of fungi
: similar to Arcyria nutans. It is virtually identical except the colour.
: Paul

if the capillitium is loosely attached to center of calyculus
as in A. nutans, i will guess it may be A. ferruginea
but as there are several dark red Arcyria with loosely attached capillitium
it would be better to know more characters for identification
(such as spore diam., capillitium ornamentation, etc.)

if the capillitium is firmly attached to calyculus, check A. denudata

btw, A. nutans is now called A. obvelata, see Mycologia 70: 1284. (1978)

i would much appreciate to receive any reprint dealing with Myxomycetes
thanks a lot  ^_^
                                        Chao-hsuan Chung
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                                        National Taiwan University

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