ecological survey technique for macrofungi

S. Hartley BGYSH at
Tue Jun 3 14:24:35 EST 1997

Does anyone know of a standard survey technique for assessing 
abundance and diversity of macrofungi in woodlands?

I am a PhD student studying Diptera that breed in fungi and I 
would like to rank approx. 50 woodlands on the basis of the 
abundance and diversity of their fungal fruiting bodies.  
Most Fungus Groups make species lists on their forays but I 
was wondering if there are any other standard techniques that 
take into account relative abundance.  (E.g. similar to the 
National Vegetation Classification used for plant communities 
in Great Britain.)

As this is to be a rapid survey at only two times in the year 
(July & September) I also wondered if there are any good 
surrogate variables, visible all-year round, that could be 
used to predict which woods will be productive in terms of 
fungal fruiting bodies (e.g. dead wood or presence/absence of 
moisture-loving plants)?

I am sure this is a common problem facing all ecological 
mycologists, and if a standard method does not exist perhaps 
one should be adopted.  What method and what variables would 
you use for a 'rapid assessment, fungal biodiversity survey?'

all suggestions welcome,

Stephen Hartley
(Leeds, UK)

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