spam and porn on this newsgroup

Jeff Potter jp at
Tue Jun 3 14:34:36 EST 1997

I heartily second JH's view. I have been very surprised (now no
longer) by the blatant and ridiculous censoring of posts to moderated
groups. I suppose in the end those being kill-filed are simply those
who have quarrels with the moderator. Nothing more. FWIW, in 
two other groups I visit, land access posters have been killed from
rec.hunting and dog trainers have been banned from r.h.dogs.
Not for oscenity or rudeness either as far as I know. BEWARE!
I *REALLY* hate the spam, but the other is a real risk as well.
Unless, perhaps, the moderator takes an oath or agrees to 
certain policy? Lastly, I have noticed that my serious, original
queries to certain other groups simply never appear about half the 
time. This is probably due to moderation, even though (pardon my
boast) my posts are pertinent and constructive. (E.g., a scholarly
question on Faith to a newsgroup about religious scholarship.) --JP

Berlstein wrote:
> porn postings and ignore them.  I am not willing to trade censorship for
> the dubious honor of having a better view while reading posts.  I find

Jeff Potter
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