Ecology of truffles

Martin Askey Martin.Askey at
Tue Jun 3 11:16:26 EST 1997

     Please advise on any references concerning the following:
     Antibiotic faculty of tuberales in combating pneumonia in mammals 
     Correlation's between incidence of pneumonia in wild Sus scrofa and 
     loss of available tuberales, in mammal  diet and mycophagy in Europe.
     Effects upon tree increment by tuberales.
     Latent or recent studies on `hydnosphere` since:
     Pacioni,G. 1991. Effects of Tuber metabolites on the rhizospheric 
     environment. Mycol.Res. 95(12) 1355-1358
     yours gratefully,
     Martin Askey
     Mushroom Group
     Horticultural Research International, Wellesbourne,
     Warwickshire CV35 9EF.

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