"Beefsteak Mushroom"

Jeff Potter jp at glpbooks.SPAMBLOCK.com
Wed Jun 4 11:11:31 EST 1997

Robert L. Chehey wrote:
> The beefsteak mushroom or liver mushroom is Fistulina hepatica, and has
> been, in mushroom books for nearly 100 yr.  Proper common names (if you
> can call them that) for Gyromitra esculenta are brain mushroom or false
> morel.

Some of my info disagrees with this. 

First, I thought that false morels were the ones with free caps. Not so?

Here in Michigan, I've had many folks and park rangers tell me that the 
blobby, asymmetric 'brainy' looking morels (not conical) are 'beefsteaks'. 
I believe the current state nat'l resources lit also calls them 'beefsteaks'. 
I have an older Michigan Botanical Club book by AH and HV Smith which 
calls the 'brainy' Helvella esculenta by the nickname 'beefsteak'.

Help! Is this a regional thing? I don't think I've seen 'Fistulina'.

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