Volunteer moderator (was Re: spam and porn on this newsgroup)

Nathan Wilson velosa at CINENET.NET
Thu Jun 5 13:04:32 EST 1997

> In regards to making this a moderated newsgroup....I totally disagree.

I support the motion to make this group moderated.  I actually was a
bit shocked when I started counting the number of spams that come
across this group.  They don't really bother me personally, but if
they are causing people to disconnect from the group, then they are a
problem.  I also feel that by making the group moderated we are
making a constructive vote against spamming.  If someone can tell me
how moderation works I am willing to act as moderator.  I am an
experienced programmer and have been using the Internet since the
early '80s.  I've just never moderated a list.  My rules would be

1) New threads must be related to mushrooms or fungi (obviously this
includes lichens and myxos) in some direct way.

2) All legitimate responses to existing threads will be sent on.

3) If for some reason I decide to reject an article, I will always
send a form email to the apparent sender describing this policy.  (Boy
am *I* going to get spammed!)  If you submit an article and it doesn't
show up within a week (I do go on vacation once in a while!) and you
haven't gotten a reject email from me, you should resubmit the
article.  This will hopefully mitigate the potential for people
feeling they are being censored, when all that happended was the mail
got lost.

-Nathan Wilson

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