Training dogs to sniff morels, truffles?

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at
Tue Jun 3 15:02:10 EST 1997

Jeff Potter wrote:
> Is it possible? Easy? I have a dog that tracks well and seems
> very eager to do my bidding. Think maybe I could get her to
> bark and sit when she finds a morel?? :)

I thought I read somewhere that that's what the French do to find
truffles these days. Maybe pigs are too greedy! And the USDA uses
Beagles to sniff "contraband" food from luggage, so it should be easily
do-able. I'm curious to know if you try it, and how well it works. I
sure could use some help myself - it'd be nice to have the beagle going
after morels instead of bunnies all of the time!

...she'd prob eat the morels, though! ;-)


"Cow envy is more common than you would think." - doghair

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