Volunteer moderator (was Re: spam and porn on this newsgroup)

Gary Lum glum at ozemail.com.au
Fri Jun 6 18:45:51 EST 1997

Nathan Wilson wrote:

> I support the motion to make this group moderated.  I actually was a
> bit shocked when I started counting the number of spams that come
> across this group.  They don't really bother me personally, but if
> they are causing people to disconnect from the group, then they are a
> problem.  I also feel that by making the group moderated we are
> making a constructive vote against spamming.  If someone can tell me
> how moderation works I am willing to act as moderator.  I am an
> experienced programmer and have been using the Internet since the
> early '80s.  I've just never moderated a list.  My rules would be
> simple:

Sounds like you're the person.

> 1) New threads must be related to mushrooms or fungi (obviously this
> includes lichens and myxos) in some direct way.


> 2) All legitimate responses to existing threads will be sent on.


> 3) If for some reason I decide to reject an article, I will always
> send a form email to the apparent sender describing this policy.  (Boy
> am *I* going to get spammed!)  If you submit an article and it doesn't
> show up within a week (I do go on vacation once in a while!) and you
> haven't gotten a reject email from me, you should resubmit the
> article.  This will hopefully mitigate the potential for people
> feeling they are being censored, when all that happended was the mail
> got lost.

Go for it.

I vote for Nathan



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