Volunteer moderator

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Mon Jun 9 04:56:36 EST 1997

In article <199706051805.LAA05803 at hollywood.cinenet.net>,
velosa at CINENET.NET (Nathan Wilson) wrote:

> making a constructive vote against spamming.  If someone can tell me
> how moderation works I am willing to act as moderator.  I am an
> experienced programmer and have been using the Internet since the
> early '80s.  I've just never moderated a list. 

Could I suggest using a robomoderator to do most of the moderating?
There is a PERL script floating around that automatically passes any 
post by an approved poster.  Only new posters have to be hand moderated.
It also supports a "deny_user" file that will automatically reject the
posts of any particularly bad actors.  The software is called PGPMoose,
and it assigns a PGP signature to all posts.  A companion piece of
software, CancelMoose, cancels any post without a valid PGP signature.

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