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Charles A. Peavey cpeavey at pacbell.net
Mon Jun 9 16:34:03 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> In article <199706051805.LAA05803 at hollywood.cinenet.net>,
> velosa at CINENET.NET (Nathan Wilson) wrote:
> Could I suggest using a robomoderator to do most of the moderating?
> I would really appreciate it if you would also gate the newsgroup to a
> mailing list.  Mail2news and news2mail are commonly used for this.
> My ISP has such a lousy newsfeed that I didn't even realize that there
> was a spam problem in this newsgroup.
> -- Larry

Voulnteerism is always encouraged but I don't want someone filtering
what is posted since we all have our personal biases.  There is a lot of
garbage on the net but everyonce in a while one runs across some gem. 
Many of these gems soawn additional ideas.  Having followed this news
group for over a year I believe that we have a great resource here. I am
interested in propagation and taxonomy.  To me many of the posts on
where mushrooms are being currently found are of little interest and yet
the threads that interest me are probably of little interest to others.

There are few mycologists and if we break up this group there might not
be another group that would fulfill some of our needs.  I think I am
capable of ignoring spams on my own and don't need a gatekeeper but I
appreciate the offer.

Best regards,

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