To the readers of bionet.mycology

Gregory S. May gsmay at
Tue Jun 10 13:29:02 EST 1997

I am one of the three founders of the news group and have been
following the threads regarding inappropriate posting to the group.
This group was originally founded to provide those with interests in
experimental mycology a forum to discuss ideas and obtain information.
The group has naturally evolved into to more than that.  Parties
interested in fungal evolution, identification, culturing and forays
as well as experimentalists have found an open and welcoming
environment for discussion of topics related to mycology.  I would not
want to see this change because of a few offensive postings that not
only go to this group but to nearly all others in the bionet

The discussion of having this group moderated is appropriate but I
would like to suggest that if you find an offensive posting just
ignore it.  No response will like lead to these individuals ignoring
the group because they do not find what they seek.  Since this group
began there has been the occasional misdirected and offensive posting.
If you read the other groups you will find they all have the same
problem.  While moderating the group would result in the deletion of
the offensive postings it has its own problems.  As some have pointed
out, it could potentially be used to restrict access to some members
of the community and lead to a less open forum.  As was also pointed
out, those interested in finding edible wild mushrooms would no longer
find timely information.

We all understand that some are more easily offended than others are
and I am sensitive to this issue.  At the same time though any form of
censorship is in my view unacceptable.  If the group becomes moderated
it will no longer sever its purpose, whether that is as a forum for
scientific discussion or for those interested in mycology more as a

Just one final note for the community, early on in the evolution of
the group the founding community had discussions of making it more
focused towards research and they have always come out in favor of
maintaining the broad flavor.  I hope that we can do this without
going to a moderated group.

On behalf of the founders of the group I hope you will appreciate what
I have said.

Gregory S. May

Gregory S. May
Department of Cell Biology
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX  77030

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