Peter Herman rpeter at
Tue Jun 10 13:50:28 EST 1997

I have been following the discussion on moderation with interest.  Jim
White and I comoderate the symbiosis list so I can contribute some
toward answering a few questions. 

We both take a broad view of what is appropriate and post things which
even skirt the edges of symbiosis.  

We both automatically kill stuff that is porn or commercial spam.  In a
small group like ours, this can represent 50% of what comes in.  We
havent started to get the "authors wanted" crap here yet but we will :-(

If we think that something is off topic but appropriate to another
group, we advise the poster of the better group.

A group can have co moderators but they take turns rather than do it at
the same time.  For example, I do odd months and Jim does even.  You
could use other schemes, but a regular timetable makes it easier on the
system administrators because they can run the moderator change software
automatically rather than by hand.

Hope this helps.  
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