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Lucas van Braam van Vloten lucas2 at DDS.NL
Wed Jun 11 10:29:54 EST 1997

Gregory S. May wrote:

>At the same time though any form of censorship is in my view unacceptable.

I don't understand. Why can't just the sex related and
make-fast-money-with-less-effort messages be filtered out, because those
are probably the only ones that can really cause annoyance. I am pretty
sure that if someone is looking for porn or fast money the bionet.mycology
newsgroup would not be his/her first place to look, so no one would even
miss those messages. Whether or not a message will be filtered out could
for example be judged by whether this message contains information that
could in any way be related to fungi in general - at least that is what I
would expect to find in a newsgroup with such a name. In this way the
filtering could in no way affect any of the actual discussions I have so
far seen. And why could that not be done in an 'anonymous' way, so that
every member of the entire community could have acces to the newsgroup
whenever he or she likes.
Therefore, because no one will miss the messages that are filtered out and
because there would not have to be any effect on the discussions in the
newsgroup or on the people who have acces to it, I think that the filtering
of the messages on the basis of fixed criteria would be the ideal solution
to this problem.

Lucas van Braam van Vloten
lucas2 at

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