Jumping fungus

Lester Pasarell lpasarel at utmb.edu
Wed Jun 11 10:24:42 EST 1997

David Sinclair wrote:
> I have "discovered" a type of (what looks like a) budding yeast that can
> catapault a cell across the agar to form a new colony. Has anyone ever
> heard of such an organism???
> David Sinclair
> davids at mit.edu

It might be Sporobolomyces spp. if the colony is yeast like....I have a
picture in our web site

this one is Sporobolomyces salmonicolor and its usually id by
assimilation of sugars like using API or Vitek yeast panels, there are a
whole bunch of other species and genera including Bullera sp. and many

I have also seen (from human and animal infections) Conidiobolus sp.
that remain flat and yeast like due to the abundance of chlamydoconidia.
spores and secondary spores...but the size is larger that yeast cells

I like drawing in a fresh PDA plate with a inoculum of the "balistic"
yeast like organism, a happy face (-: then I tape another fresh plate
without the lid oposite to the inoculated happy face and within 24 hours
you will have a mirror image of your happy face.....

Mycology and fungi are neat!!! 

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