morels in east texas?

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> Is there anyway to grow morels in east texas? Is there some place where
> can get spores? Any help on this will be appreciated.
> thanks,
> kathlene

As far as I know, It is very difficult to grow Northern hemisphere asco's
in the South, even if you are not actually south of the equator! The reason
is that these fungi are adapted to very humid contidions, and also special
types of soil and hosts (if they are biotrophic like morels). You can get
more details on the subject of morels and truffels (Family: Pezizales) in
Bryce Kendrick's book, The Fifth Kingdom. I will ask my peers about this
topic. You can e-Mail me so we can discuss this. Personally, I find the
subject very interesting!

PS: This is exactly why morels and truffels are so expensive - they
absolutely refuse to grow under artificial conditions. We here in South
Africa find them an oddity, and very few of us have seen these things in
the mycelium (I, for one, haven't). Even less have ever tasted it!

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