morels in east texas?

Alan S. Wicks NAP-4 at
Wed Jun 11 20:08:05 EST 1997

kathlene wrote:
> Is there anyway to grow morels in east texas? Is there some place
> where we
> can get spores? Any help on this will be appreciated.
> thanks,
> kathlene
I suggest that you look into  which is Paul
Stamets' company page - Fungi Perfecti.  He has several good books on
growing mushrooms and has morel kits for growing them outside.  The
spawn is usually put into the bed in mid to late summer.  They seem to
grow best when put into a burned area.  You can create this yourself by
just burning some wood.  You might need to add some calcium, but there
should be instructions with the kit.  You can also buy spawn of various
sorts from Paul as well.

Good Luck,
Alan S. Wicks

Good Luck,

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