Training dogs to sniff morels, truffles?

Richard C. Graul graul at
Wed Jun 11 21:37:49 EST 1997

rexs13 <rexs13 at> writes:

>"Why is that guy driving up this forest road with a pig in his
>truck?"Training a truffle dog is a rather easy process if one has the
>truffles (a couple of hundred dollars worth!-) and the time.  A trained
>truffle dog (costing about $1500) would pay for its self easily if a
>person does not know how to locate truffles using their own senses. If
>you are going to train a truffle dog, choose a dog that will not run off
>to chase the deer and other critters.

I've heard that when the DEA retires their drug sniffing dogs, they put
them up for adoption.  It seems like it might be easy to train one of
these to locate truffles.


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