Jumping fungus

Peter Mullin mullinp at edenbio.com
Thu Jun 12 18:17:57 EST 1997

> I have "discovered" a type of (what looks like a) budding yeast that can
> catapault a cell across the agar to form a new colony. Has anyone ever
> heard of such an organism???

There are a number of genera of yeasts (most of which are related to the
Basidiomycetes) which produce ballistospores.  Some genera you might
want to investigate include Sporobolomyces, Sporidiobolus, Aessosporon,
Bullera, Sterigmatomyces, and maybe Tilletiaria (see J.A. von Arx, The
Genera of Fungi Sporulating in Pure Culture).  I don't know if any of
the ascomycetous yeasts have forcibly discharged spores -- some
might...anybody? or what about Zygomycetes like Conidiobolus or
Basidiobolus, some of which have a sort of yeast-like culture state...--

Good luck with your "discovery"!

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