morels in east texas?

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>> Is there anyway to grow morels in east texas? Is there some place where
>> can get spores? Any help on this will be appreciated.
>> thanks,
>> kathlene

>As far as I know, It is very difficult to grow Northern hemisphere asco's
>in the South, even if you are not actually south of the equator! The reason
>is that these fungi are adapted to very humid contidions, and also special
>types of soil and hosts (if they are biotrophic like morels). You can get
>more details on the subject of morels and truffels (Family: Pezizales) in
>Bryce Kendrick's book, The Fifth Kingdom. I will ask my peers about this
>topic. You can e-Mail me so we can discuss this. Personally, I find the
>subject very interesting!

Difficult perhaps, but not impossible. There are one or two places in New 
Zealand growing truffles, but i don't think they are producing them 
commercially yet. It does depend on a whole variety of soil conditions, 
climate humidity etc.
One day i hope to try some truffle myself.

>PS: This is exactly why morels and truffels are so expensive - they
>absolutely refuse to grow under artificial conditions. We here in South
>Africa find them an oddity, and very few of us have seen these things in
>the mycelium (I, for one, haven't). Even less have ever tasted it!

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