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>      Please advise on any references concerning the following:
>      Antibiotic faculty of tuberales in combating pneumonia in mammals
>      diet.
>      Correlation's between incidence of pneumonia in wild Sus scrofa and
>      loss of available tuberales, in mammal  diet and mycophagy in Europe.
>      Effects upon tree increment by tuberales.

In a Douglas fir plantation planted in 1980, a 13-foot tall Douglas fir
was removed about November-December, 1991 as a Christmas tree. In early
November Tuber gibbosum Harkn. was found associated with this tree.

By February, 1992 a 22-inch, 4-year old seedling Douglas fir was planted
to replace the tree. By October, 1992 this tree had grown to between 11
and 12 feet tall. (a 10-foot spacing pole was used for comparison) It is
presumed that the replacement tree tapped into the existing mycorrhizae
of the Tuber gibbosum, and enhanced its growth.

On Jan. 6, 1996 under this tree, a 4-inch diameter Tuber gibbosum was
found, a record for the stand. A voucher collection was submitted to Dr.
James Trappe of Oregon State University for verification, and added to
the OSU Herbarium.

Dr. Trappe may also be aware of other studies indicating increased tree
growth with hypogeous fungi.

>      Latent or recent studies on `hydnosphere` since:
>      Pacioni,G. 1991. Effects of Tuber metabolites on the rhizospheric
>      environment. Mycol.Res. 95(12) 1355-1358
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>      Martin Askey
>      Mushroom Group
>      Horticultural Research International, Wellesbourne,
>      Warwickshire CV35 9EF.

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