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>Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 12:06:38 -0500
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>>Gregory S. May wrote:
>>>At the same time though any form of censorship is in my view unacceptable.
>>I don't understand. Why can't just the sex related and
>>make-fast-money-with-less-effort messages be filtered out, because those
>>are probably the only ones that can really cause annoyance.
>>Lucas van Braam van Vloten
>>lucas2 at
>I don't see the few spams as that much of a problem, and don't think we
>need moderation, whether by one or a few persons or by an automatic
>filter.  Having persons acting as moderators places the resposibility in
>the hands of a few, and may mean delays in messages being transmitted.  An
>automatic filter might remove legitimate messages about sexual and asexual
>reproduction and in/compatibility in fungi.  Paul

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