Jumping fungus

Peter Mullin mullinp at edenbio.com
Fri Jun 13 14:58:41 EST 1997

> A. What is known about the mechanism of launching spores. Is it a
> torsional stress like in plant seed pods or is it an active (actin?)
> mechanism?

I'm not sure anyone has fully elucidated a mechanism for spore
liberation in some fungi, but for many of these "basidiomycetous
yeasts", the mechanism appears to be the same as that used in liberating
basidiospores from the sterigmata (e.g, in mushrooms or polypores; see
Kendrick's The Fifth Kingdom for an attempted explanation).
> B. Is this a diploid organism woth a haploid stage?

If Sporobolomyces is a basidiomycete, then it may be more accurate to
call it a "dikaryotic organism with a haploid stage" (most basidio's
exist briefly as haploids before entering a long-lasting dikaryotic
stage which passes through an evanescent diploid stage during spore
production).  Your fungus may indeed be haploid, but may have "lost the
need" to do anything else.

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