Lester Pasarell lpasarel at utmb.edu
Mon Jun 16 09:46:16 EST 1997

This may not apply to ascospores, but it works with dimorphic fungi,
conidia and intracellular yeast but the LIVE/DEAD yeast viability kit
works pretty
good, its fluorescent and you will need a filter capable of detecting
the same wavelength required for cellulofluor/calcofluor
the kit is made by Molecular Probes Cat # L-7009 and its called
LIVE/DEAD Yeast Viability Kit 

hope this helps

Robert Eicher wrote:
> Does anyone know a method for distinguishing viable and non viable
> fungal spores (ascospores) ? Staining or something ?
> Another problem of mine is to distinguish between spores which will
> germinate and spores not germinating without acivation.
> Robert

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