"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at cabi.org
Mon Jun 16 08:37:03 EST 1997

If you have a fluorescence microscope you could try staining with 
fluorescein diacetate.  See Soderstrom, B.E. (1977).  Vital staining of 
fungi in pure culture and in soil with fluorescein diacetate.  Soil Biol. & 
Biochem. 9: 59-63.


From: Robert Eicher
To: mycology at net.bio.net
Subject: spores
Date: 16 June 1997 2:25

Does anyone know a method for distinguishing viable and non viable
fungal spores (ascospores) ? Staining or something ?
Another problem of mine is to distinguish between spores which will
germinate and spores not germinating without acivation.


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