Mushrooming References for Eastern North America?

Tim and Runjuan Childress timantoi at
Sun Jun 15 21:50:26 EST 1997

Hello All,

   I have been reading David Arora's _Mushrooms Demystified_, a great
book.  It has only one "flaw," from my perspective: it is biased toward
the mycological flora of central California, whereas I myself reside in
Virginia.  Many times I find myself wishing that Mr. Arora lived in
Fredericksburg, or at least the Washington-Baltimore-Richmond area, so
that I might get an idea of when (indeed, if) a given species would be
likely to appear in my woods.

   Easterners: Any suggestions as to some good regional references?

Thank you,

Tim Childress

P.S.:  Speaking of the East, can anyone out there recommend reading for
the mushrooms of the Far East, specifically Southeast Asia?  My wife
is Thai, as I mentioned in a previous posting, and I'm interested in
the edible and poisonous fungi which occur in that part of the world.

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