Mushrooming References for Eastern North America?

Ralph &/or Donna Czere at
Mon Jun 16 16:44:14 EST 1997

Tim and Runjuan Childress wrote:
> P.S.:  Speaking of the East, can anyone out there recommend reading for
> the mushrooms of the Far East, specifically Southeast Asia?  My wife
> is Thai, as I mentioned in a previous posting, and I'm interested in
> the edible and poisonous fungi which occur in that part of the world.

Most of the currently available field guides focus on either the upper
mid-west, or points east of the Mississippi.

I'd suggest starting with.
"The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide" by Smith and Weber;
"Mushrooms of North America" by Miller; and
"Foraging for Edible Wild Mushrooms, by Haard and Haard.

Mostly the Rockies separate "Western" species from "Eastern" species.

I've made a few (terse) comments about these and other field guides on:

My criteria for selecting field guides are included there.


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