Jumping fungus

Shannan Mortimer s.mortimer at clear.net.nz
Sun Jun 22 00:50:50 EST 1997

David Sinclair <davids at mit.edu> wrote in article <339DA3E9.7E9 at mit.edu>...
> I have "discovered" a type of (what looks like a) budding yeast that can
> catapault a cell across the agar to form a new colony. Has anyone ever
> heard of such an organism???
> David Sinclair
> davids at mit.edu
sure I failed my micro bio internal test but that's an easy question
=fam:Teliosporaceae, gen:Sporidiobolus form ballistocondia that can do this
 diagnostic id from colonies on the lid of the petri dish

further id requires you to test for cellobiose assimilation for sp level

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