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Thu Jun 26 13:04:29 EST 1997

If this request is out of scope for this group, please let me know and
accept my apologies.

I am a new native of central Mississippi. There are many mushrooms popping
up in the wooded areas here, several of which I haven't seen before. This
one in particular is in abundance.

The mature one that I brought in is all white, about 5 inches across and 4
inches tall. It was standing alone. The stalk is uniform in diameter about
3/4". No ring around the stalk. Attached gills, coursely spaced (a little
less than 1/8" spacing). The cap is greatly sunken (looks like a funnel
standing on end), with edge rolled over slightly,  looking like some of
the lactarious (but I see no milk!).

In the same woods, I have found chantrells, yellowish orange in color, but
this one seems to be too regular in shape to be a chantrell.

Then again it has the shape of some of the Russulas in my guide book, for
example the White Russula (Russula brevipes)

I have three books, none of which are much good, apparently. My primary
reference is the Audubon guide.

Please send copy to my email, leonf at, as my newgroup delivery
is unreliable.


Leon Felkins

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